Phone conversation between Claudio and Marieh. Both lovers separated by distance. Marieh is hopelessly waiting for a heart transplant while Claudio has to serve duty while coping with the possibility that his childhood love would perish.


Claudio. If you’re lonely, I’ll be there with you.

Marieh.  I’d rather be sad with you, than be far away from you.

Claudio. You’re something special, right from the start I knew.

Marieh. You’re special to me, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Claudio. You know I must have done something good.

Marieh. Why?

Claudio. Because meeting you feels like.. a blessing.

Marieh.  I love you so much.. you know. You’re like an angel that God sent

to take me out of this misery and I’m grateful for every moment we shared.

You make me happy, and I love you.

Claudio. I wish I could be there with you right now to show you how much

I love you.

Marieh. I love thinking that you’re here even though you’re miles away,

your presence never leaves my side.

Claudio. Whenever I hear our song, I can feel the rhythm of your wild heart,

and I feel like running away just to be by your side.

Mariah. You’re somewhere close, everytime I close my eyes, I see

your face.

Claudio. You say the sweetest things ever, I love that about you.

Mariah. And you know how to make me smile.

Claudio. I love you..


Claudio enters Mariah’s hospital room, he notices that she’s very ill and pale. He tries to hold back his tears when he sees her. Mariah is happy to see Claudio, and they both hold hands as they promise each other they’ll be happy once more.


Claudio. Mariah..

Mariah. Claudio… It hurts…

Claudio. I’m here, I’m here, hold my hand. Please be strong, for me.

Mariah. Claudio, I’m scared, I don’t know what will happen.

Claudio. No, I promise everything will be okay. I’m here and I won’t leave until

you’re better.

Mariah. Promise?

Claudio. I promise with all my heart, remember how we used to watch the sunrise

together and hold hands while we laughed? How I promised you I’ll never let anyone

hurt you anymore. Mariah, we’ll be there again, on that same spot soon, and we’ll be

laughing and living our dreams that we’ve made, remember?

Mariah. I remember, that was one of the best days of my life. Claudio, you’ve given me so

much strength to make it this far. If I died tomorrow, I’d die a happy girl but I don’t want to lose you. I want to spend my life with you and..

( Mariah begins to cough, and has trouble speaking)

Claudio. No, no. It’s okay, don’t talk, save your strength.

Mariah. I’m so cold.




      I woke up still thinking you were here beside me and all of this was a nightmare. When I fall asleep, all I see is your beautiful smile. I can’t bare to see you now, because it hurts me. It hurts me to see you suffering. I wish I could take you to that place in the Garden, and lie down next to you watching the clouds, laughing like we did. I was a mess when you met me, and now you’re the best part of me. Meeting you was the most amazing thing that could ever happen to me. You filled my whole world with hope, you were like an angel sent by God to save me from the depths of hell. An illuminating light that lit up my darkened world, the light at the end of the tunnel, for that I’m grateful. Deep inside my heart, I appreciate you being in my life and loving me unconditionally.

The sound of the falling rain,
The breeze and the wind,
The endless skies,
Although none of them have changed,
Ever since I met you.
You’ve changed my life.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.
On this lonely night.
I realize how much love
Shines under the moonlight.

Remember when we met ?
It was around autumn.
The upcoming season
Will bring so many memories.
The only memory I want to relive
Was the first time we kissed.

I know we’re worlds apart.
I understand our difficulties
Love and seperation don’t have
To be put together.
These days without you,
Got a cloud hanging above me.

You don’t know how much
I miss you.
I can nearly die from this loneliness.
I only want you by my side.
No matter the hard times,
Only you.
Your love keeps me warm on cold nights.
Your smile rekindled my happiness.
Your love is the reason,
To open my eyes.

As long as I’m with you.
Despite my past.
My troubles.
I could die with a smile.

You can be my Bonnie and I can be your Clyde.
They say love lasts forever, so we’ll never die.
As long as you’re by my side, I’ll be your king.
Even if our love feels like a dangerous thing,
I know someday we’ll both go down together
Not like a feather, but raindrops pouring,
A stormy weather.

Now it’s better than Ever.

Two, three, four…

That’s how we started singing our favorite song underneath the Summer sun, two, three, four. Loving you forever, that’s what the melody echoed in our ears, as we closed our eyes and collided hearts. Even though I haven’t met you, I’ve recognized you from my dreams. You’re enchanting and breathtaking like the aurora lights in Finland, classy and elegant with an expensive taste, and the face of an angel that’s almost perfect in my eyes

The ocean and the sky are both limitless, as I am infinite. Astronomical dreams light up the night sky, I’m infinite, my thesis rips star maps to pieces. Channeling the new age through telekinesis. I’m the braniac, ideas floating overhead like the space time odyssey. Something, something, commodity. I’m practical, my reach is intergalactical. .


Art is a creative expression,
To let your imagination roam free,
The elements of art is your impression,
A visually compelling story we can see.

(via starsinfinityonhigh)


 A goddess in her own shrine
Of rare beauty no one could outshine,
A lion roaring in her heart; her life
imitates art.